Bentayga Fly Fishing CLASS FISHING

As a well-known French saying has it, nobility brings with it obligations and it really seems to be the case that today anyone who has a passion for streams and fishing cannot do otherwise than get there in a vehicle deliberately created for the purpose by Bentley.

The Bentayga Fly Fishing is a car which has been designed for lovers of fishing by the craftsmen of the Mulliner department, the same one involved in the production of customised vehicles.

On the outside, the car is identical to the basic model, but inside the boot there is an electronically-controlled constant anti-humidity system, refrigerated waterproof compartments, an admirable set of fishing rod holders  and a set of trunks,  finely upholstered in quilted leather where all the necessary equipment to be stowed. Two of these run along ingenious tracks which enable everything to be taken out easily and guarantee stability. The first is a hamper and the second houses all the different types of hooks, bait and other equipment necessary. The third and last trunk is for shoes and boots and is also lined with quilted leather, but inside it has a very practical neoprene lining.

Obviously, the high-quality leather and wood finish used in making these accessories is the same as those used for the interior of the car, and is produced with the same high standards of craftsmanship which have been a constant feature of the aristocratic English company’s products for over a century.

Crewe, October 2016