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BeoSound Shape


Bang & Olufsen, the world-famous Danish company which brings together technology, design and quality, has recently brought out a revolutionary new audio system: the BeoSound Shape.

Its unusual appearance could easily lead one to mistake it for a piece of contemporary art but in reality this ‘abstract’ composition hides within itself a sophisticated modular system. It consists of a number of hexagonal shapes called ’tiles’ which can be attached to a wall, thereby creating an endless variety of geometrical shapes in harmony with the setting, owing to the multitude of high-quality fabric covers available.

The BeoSound Shape is made up of at least six tiles, but they could be more or less infinite in number, being limited only by the dimensions of the room housing them and by the client’s imagination. Once decided upon, the shape is sent to B&O who will seek to understand how best to assemble the BeoSound Shape accordingly. This step is highly important, because each tile has a function: there are the speakers, the amplifiers and the controllers which function as a wireless source; and finally there are the modules themselves housing the integrated noise dampers for improved room acoustics.

The BeoSound Shape will be available on the market from this autumn at a starting price of around Euro 4,000.