The Perini Navi Group, one of the most prestigious names in the large sailing yachts industry, moved into the field of motor yachts in 2007 with Picchiotti, an important shipbuilder which was taken over at the beginning of the 1990s. Since that time it has produced three vessels. Or rather, three exceptional vessels.

The latest of these, the Grace E, was launched in 2014 and as well as being, at 73 meters, the flagship of the fleet, it has broken new ground by winning eight of the most important and sought-after international awards in the nautical industry, thereby becoming one of the most highly-decorated ships of all time.

Designed by the Vitruvius Yachts Studio under the guidance of Philippe Briand, and surprisingly furnished by the Parisian studio of Rémi Tessier, the Grace E is a mix of elegance, high-quality construction and avant-garde technology. The latter is shown in its innovative diesel-electric propulsion system with two Azipod fixed-pitch propellers, which allows for remarkable noise and vibration reduction and a lower consumption of fuel and energy.

As mentioned above, the interior, produced by Rémi Tessier, has sober and highly refined furnishings, from the selection of the materials and the treatment of surfaces to a lighting system which, being almost totally suffused and indirect, produces an elegant and particularly relaxing setting.

Since its beginning, the partnership between Picchiotti and Vetruvius has achieved an enviable success in the nautical world, and the Grace E is a demonstration of this: one of the most beautiful and elegant yachts ever built.

La Spezia, December 2016