Time is a precious commodity for all of us, but it may be dramatically so for a minority. And for anyone who needs to cross the world unexpectedly and speedily, a business jet could be the best choice.

Gulfstream, a market leader in the air industry owned by General Dynamics, has applied this idea to the full in its G650ER. Its technical details speak a thousand words: it has a maximum range of 7,500 nautical miles at an average speed of 0.85 mach, a top speed of 0.925 mach, a maximum cruise altitude of 51,000 feet (above commercial traffic and weather) and may be converted to hold up to 19 passengers.

And with the lowest cabin altitude in the class, passenger heart and lungs can more easily oxygenate the blood, which reduces fatigue and ensures a more alert and refreshed arrival many time zones later.

The G650ER holds more than 60 records and is accordingly one of the most highly-awarded business aircraft in its industry. Its unmatched range enables it to make countless non-stop journeys, such as Geneva-Los Angeles or New York-Hong Kong, while it can leave London and arrive in Singapore in less than 12 hours. A performance obviously attained with the highest levels of technology, comfort and safety available for a vehicle of its kind.

Savannah, January 2017