REF. 5711/1P
REF. 3700/1A


Nautilus 5711/1P 40TH ANNIVERSARY

Its name is taken from that of the most famous submarine of all time, Captain Nemo’s Nautilus from Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, written by the visionary Jules Verne in 1870. And just over a hundred years later – to be precise in 1976 – Patek Philippe, in collaboration with the prodigious and equally visionary Swiss designer Gérald Genta, presented the Nautilus Ref. 3700/1A.

A true revolution. Not only on account of its appearance and because it was the first sports watch in Patek’s 137-year-long history, but also because its large size was wholly at odds with the received wisdom of that time.

The watch’s appearance was inspired by that of portholes (the case and face are screwed together like the system which hermetically seals portholes). It is celebrating its 40th anniversary with two new models which are worthy of this occasion: the time piece Ref. 5711/1P and the chronograph Ref. 5976/1G. Let’s have a look at the version which is closest to the original.

The Nautilus 5711/1P is a watch made of platinum in limited edition (only 700 specimens produced). It isn’t the first time that this model has been offered in the noblest of metals: in 2013, in fact, Patek created another highly limited series, the Ref. 5711/1P-010, for the company’s most faithful clients. The dial is clearly as special as the casing material which houses it. Made of 18K gold, it has a PVD coating which is intense blue in colour varying from light to dark, has 12 applied batons in baguette diamonds and displays a reference to the anniversary in the lower half.

As usual, in order to distinguish the platinum versions, the watch has a diamond in the bezel above the lugs at 6 o’clock. And finally, as a tribute to the original version, this will be sold in a splendid cork box Nautilus faithfully reproducing its 1976 predecessor.

Genèva, November 2016