Amalgam Collection TOYS FOR THE FEW

Amalgam was set up in 1984 and specialises in scale architectural models. Given the care and attention it applied to its products right from the beginning, it began supplying a number of prestigious British architectural studios, including that of Sir Norman Foster. And not only. It was soon also supplying the leading F1 teams and all of Europe’s most iconic car manufacturers. The studio has maintained these contacts to the present day through a department exclusively devoted to them.

AmalgamCollection – a name acquired after the company became part of the American-based multinational Motorsport Network – makes the finest model cars in the world. To understand the level of attention they receive, it is enough to remember that Amalgam Collection uses original CAD data supplied by the manufacturer and then works closely with their design team to perfect the rendition of the interior and exterior finishes.

In addition to its standard production line, Amalgam Collection provides a bespoke service by means of which an exact replica of the client’s own car may be produced – including the colour of the bodywork, the hub caps, the licence plates, the interior leatherwork and even its stitching. And, as if that were not enough, these small works of art can be further enriched with a faithful reproduction of the interior and exterior lighting. All hand-produced by expert model makers.

Its passion and attention to detail have ensured that Amalgam Collection has been judged as one of the finest model car makers of all time. It has thereby obtained an international clientele of refined collectors, such as Ralph Lauren, who, apart from being a private client, has also commissioned a number of wonderful vehicles to be sold exclusively in its stores around the world.

Bristol, January 2017