The origins of this project lie in the desire to share, with others, a sector which has always fascinated me and into which man has poured his skill and ability in order to create and amaze.

To enter this world with success requires good taste, knowledge and above all passion, on the part of both those who create and those who enjoy the creations. These are essential requirements, without which excellence will never be attained, nor will anyone wishing to find it be able to do so.

Gala of Vanities aims to become an exclusive ‘place’, where every subject is invited to adhere to a simple yet strict dress code: excellence.

Here one may admire the most wonderful creations man is able to devise, precisely because of this passion and knowledge; and in a world in which the word ‘luxury’ has become a synonym of frivolity or even vulgarity, Gala of Vanities has taken on itself the task of raising it to its noblest height, namely that of the luxury of ‘awareness’.

We believe that in many cases a photograph is worth more than a thousand words, and as a consequence we have sought to give importance precisely to this idea: every article will be accompanied by superb and carefully-selected photography with one aim in mind: that of fascinating and amazing those who see them.


Giuliano Comi

Credits: Hangar Design Group