Cerro Pelon Ranch was commissioned by the eccentric fashion designer of Texan origin, Tom Ford, and designed by one of the best-known architects of our time, Tadao Ando. It is a spectacular and unique property lying in the heart of New Mexico’s Santa Fe County.

The main work, that designed by Ando, consists of two buildings: the main residence, adjoined by eight stables, and the wondrous riding arena outside.

Tadao Ando is well-known for his creative use of natural light and for the harmony he manages to confer on his buildings by letting them blend gracefully into the landscape. This building is a striking example of the principle: circular geometry, a generous use of concrete and the reflections on the surface of the lake work together to unite the building itself to the wilderness around.

The ranch’s 21,000 acres (the same size as all of Manhattan) hide other resources. These include Silverado, the iconic study-city used in the 1984 film of the same name and afterwards in a number of westerns; buildings for the people who work on the estate; two houses for guests; and another building earmarked as a residence. Ando’s main residence was overseen, and these other buildings designed and built, by the internationally recognized LA-based architectural studio, Marmol Radziner.

The property is currently up for sale. Our thanks to Kevin Bobolsky Group for their help in producing this article.

Santa Fe, March 2017