Cloudbreak is a unique and wholly exceptional yacht. Not by chance is its name the same as one of the world’s most famous waves, the Cloudbreak of the Fiji Isles. Not is it a coincidence that both its name and its appearance, that of an explorer yacht, identify its innate sporting spirit: a boat designed and constructed to explore the world’s most remote corners. And not only that.

This 72-metre yacht, which had won many awards, was launched in 2016 from the Abeking and Rasmussen shipyard, and is the fruit of close collaboration between the owner and the design team. The team is first-class, starting with Espen Ønio (a world leader in the design of large, custom-built ships) for the exterior and progressing to the internationally-renowned Paris-based Christian Liaigre studio for the interior.

The owner’s interests seem to have influenced every part of the ship’s appearance. And, given that it turns out that this is any sport practised on snow, everything should be a bit clearer.

This is why the Cloudbreak was designed: to journey through extreme Arctic locations in search of perfect snow-capped peaks. And then reach the summit with the owner’s Bell 429 Globalranger helicopter before skiing down. This is also why on board the Cloudbreak there is a surprisingly well-equipped ski room and a pilot in the crew.

Another of the owner’s instructions was that the ship’s interior should recreate the cosy setting of a mountain chalet, as a contrast to the freezing spots in which the Cloudbreak would find itself. The result is truly surprising.

Cloudbreak is a marvellous example of personalization and of the harmony between the owner’s wishes and the team which designed and built the vessel. An extreme yacht, but one possessing incredible fascination and elegance.

Lemwerder, June 2017