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It could be said that a house is a most revealing business card: one can learn much about the person living there from the house itself and from its component elements. But the true nature, of both house and owner, is best seen in the details.

This principle has always been clear to Serge Volevatch, a French craftsman of Russian origin, whose company produces some of the most marvellous bathroom fittings and fixtures in the world, for a clientele which gives details the importance they deserve.

Like all of the best stories, this one began by chance. One day in 1975, Serge was wandering around the flea markets of Paris when he realized that period-style bathrooms held a real fascination for him. And so, even though he was on the point of becoming a city planner, he decided to follow his new passion and dedicated himself to restoring period-style bathroom fittings and bathtubs.

Once he had gained enough knowledge of this fascinating world he decided that restoration work wasn’t enough and produced his first creation: the ‘Baignoire Délirante’. The Maison Volevatch was born.

Its creations are distinctive for their beauty, technique and innovation, and are as such fully representative of French craftsmanship. By working closely with France’s best glass and bronze artisans, Volevatch produces real works of art to embellish the world’s most elegant and refined private residences.

Apart from its catalogue collections – which are available in several and precious finishes – Volevatch offers its clients a bespoke service by means of which there are endless production possibilities.

Amongst the many and varied international acknowledgements which Volevatch has obtained on account of its special and unique skills, it has been recognized, since 2006, as an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’, and is also registered in UNESCO’s Rare Arts and Crafts list.

Paris, August 2017