Amangiri is to be found on the border of Utah and Arizona, in the middle of the surreal landscape which this area is famous for; one of the most extraordinary and exclusive resorts in the world.

Amangiri is a Singapore-based hotel chain well-known for its high-quality hotels. It opened Amangiri, a name meaning Peaceful Mountain, in 2012, and the resort has won many awards and acknowledgements since then.

Amangiri is in the Grand Circle, a region with the highest concentration of national parks in all of the United States, and the landscape is dominated by magnificent rocky formations known as Mesa (tableland), flat-topped, steep-sided sandstone mountains, as well as the wonderful colours they take on during the course of the day.

In addition to the usual levels of luxury a hotel such as this is able to offer, it organises spectacular air trips and excursions to some of the most incredible places on the surface of the earth such as Horseshoe Bend, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Monument Valley. But one particular feature which distinguishes Amangiri is the harmony between its buildings and the surrounding landscape. The intention was to re-interpret Native American architecture and, to judge from the results, success was fully achieved.

Not only is Amangiri a superb resort, it is also the splendid result of architectural integration making the surreal and suggestive landscape which surrounds it the real star. All to the good of its guests.

Canyon Point, December 2016