Swimming Pool
Premier Room
Corner suite
The Café by Aman
The restaurant by Aman
Tokyo skyline
Ikebana composition



Otemachi is one of Tokyo’s main financial centres, to be found in the district of Chiyoda, a short distance from Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. Located here, on the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower, is the Aman Tokyo, one of the city’s most extraordinary hotels. And probably not just that.

On arriving on the building’s thirtieth floor, one is welcomed in a breathtaking lobby which has a ceiling almost thirty metres high. Kerry Hill, the Australian architect who designed the hotel, wanted to give it the appearance of a lantern. Being comprised of panels of wood and Washi paper – the same materials as are used to make Japanese Shoji sliding doors – it diffuses the light of the day and lights up the area below, which in its turn is influenced by many elements of Japanese culture.

The other areas of the hotel also recall Japanese tradition, such as camphor wood, the ikebana compositions, the bonsai and the typical bath tubs used for the furo – the traditional ritual of purification of body and spirit after a stressful day.

Being situated next to the wonderful gardens of the Imperial Palace and having a view of Tokyo’s imposing skyline, the Aman Tokyo enjoys some of the capital’s best sunsets.

The Cafe by Aman, situated at the foot of the tower, is equally suggestive, being surrounded by the Otemachi Forest, an oasis of 3,600 square metres of woodland which seals off all and sundry from the chaos of the surrounding city. A perfect symbiosis with the peace and tranquillity which are to be found in the Aman Tokyo.

Tokyo, May 2017