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Balik The Imperial Salmon

Balik Farm, the producer of the world’s most highly-prized smoked salmon, is located in Ebersol, a village at a height of 920 metres above sea level in the enchanting hilly area of Toggenburg, in eastern Switzerland.

Salmon of the species Salmo salar are fished in Norway and then shipped to Balik. Here, the salmon is prepared by hand and slowly smoked with prized wood in accordance with an old recipe dating from the XIX century to delight the family of Russia’s last tsar. Salts and woody essences are combined with Ebersol’s natural resources to give the Balik salmon a unique and inimitable taste.

The recipe was forgotten after the fall of the tsar in 1917 until the late 1970s, when Balik’s owner acquired it from the nephew of the imperial court’s last smokery master.

From them the product began to be marketed on a restricted and selective basis until 1993 when Balik became part of ‘Caviar House’ (now Caviar House and Prunier). It has attained a level of fame supported in its turn by a prestigious and loyal international clientele.

Nowadays Balik salmon is universally acknowledged to be the world’s best and most exclusive salmon.

Ebersol, July 2017