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Their clients include some of the world’s greatest and keenest collectors. Wealthy clients who consider that there is no better place to keep their precious objects than in equally precious ‘solutions’. Buben & Zōrweg is an Austrian company which produces these solutions and, for more than twenty years, has been making the most splendid safes to be found in the world. And not only.

Best friends since childhood, Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg founded their company in 1995 in Gröbming, Austria, producing their first watch winder: a box exposing the watch to view and keeping automatic watches wound up. Since then, the company’s success and prestige have continued to increase to the point where it has become unique in its field.

Buben & Zōrweg’s creations range from simple watch winder to safes complying with the highest standards of security owing to various levels of VdS certification.

All of their products are made in Germany and are distinctive on account of the high-quality leather and wooden components worked on by master craftsmen. This high quality of manufacturing is evident to anyone simply by observing any of their works.

Many of the options available have been designed as perfect complements to places such as private studios or walk-in closets. Yet it comes as no surprise to learn that one can commission Buben & Zōrweg to produce entirely bespoke solutions for their targeted settings, above and beyond the already high levels of personalizing available.

Regardless of the nature and value of the objects a client may wish to keep in Buben & Zōrweg safe, the company is accustomed to satisfying the most unusual needs of the world’s most unusual clients.

Gröbming, July 2017