Haute Cuisine


He is one of the chefs who have won most awards in our time. His ‘organic’ cuisine has been acclaimed by the critics as extremely innovative and forward-looking. His name is Rasmus Kofoed and his restaurant, the Geranium, is to be found in one of Europe’s most recent and promising culinary destinations, Copenhagen.

By winning three Bocuse d’Or medals (bronze, silver and gold) in succession and by gaining three Michelin stars in just four years, Rasmus Kofoed has become the toast of all Denmark.

His success is based on the innovative approach Koefoed gives to his cuisine through the application of modern technique and the use of exclusively organic ingredients.

You cannot order a single dish in the Geranium: the choice is between two menus. In this way every dish is well-balanced and in perfect harmony with the next one. Also interesting is the choice of accompanying your meal either with wine or with a selection of fermented fruit drinks, each of which has been created to accompany a specific dish.

In a period in which increasing attention is paid to what we eat and a ‘wilder’ diet is kept more at arm’s length, Kofoed’s cuisine is a leap along the road to a healthy and indeed revolutionary culinary destination.

In 2017 the Geranium, managed by Kofoed together with co-owner Soren Ledet, won nineteenth position in the well-known classification The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Copenaghen, December 2017