Sicis is one of those manufacturers who pay homage to Italian craftsmanship. It produces artistic mosaics and is nowadays widely recognized as a market leader.

It began some 30 years ago when a wealthy client from the Middle East asked Sicis’ founder, Maurizio Placuzzi, for a new and unique way to decorate his home, thereby giving rise to the concept of interior decoration by means of a technique generally associated with the artistic heritage of the past and more or less forgotten until that moment: namely, the mosaic.

Over the years, Sicis has embellished private residences and some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, turning their walls and floors into real works of art. During this time, the company’s craftsmen have become true artists and the meticulousness of their work can be appreciated simply by observing any of their works.

Each work consists of myriads of small, coloured and variously-shaped tiles (made of glass, marble and so on), each laid by hand, thus depicting something desired by the client or taken from the collections which Sicis has in its catalogues. These collections in turn re-create works of art by timeless artists such as Titan, Klimt, François Boucher and others.

Thanks to Sicis, the art of mosaic construction has returned to the glories it enjoyed long ago, and not only that: owing to its employment in new sectors, such as that of jewellery, by means of micro-mosaics, this fascinating and timeless technique has reached new heights.

Ravenna, August 2018